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  【篇一:保护天使 To Protect Angels】

  Panda is familiar by more and more people as the development of Internet。 Now people can see the live show from the Internet。 These lovely angels are favored by the fans from all over the world。 What they do in the daily life makes people laugh out loudly。 No one can resist the charm from these angels。 But it is known to all that panda is dying out, because it is not easy for them to get birth to the new babies。 What’s more, people damage the environment, which makes panda lose their home。 We can do small things to protect them。 When we go to the zoo, we should not throw away the rubbish and keep quiet, in the purpose of not to disturb these lovely creature。 We love panda, it is our duty to protect them from dying out。


  【篇二:尝试新事物 Trying New Thing】

  In everybody’s eyes, I am a good girl, because I make the good marks in the exams and help my parents to do things. Unlike other students, who will go against their parents, I follow my parents’ words. I don’t think that to do something goes against the adults is the wise choice, but I do want to do something new. Recently, I want to cut my hair and make the short style. My mother doesn't agree with me, because she thinks a girl should have the long hair. This time, I insist on my idea. Finally, she supports me. Trying something new makes me feel happy and be myself. The short hair makes me look like a cool boy and I like this style. My friends admire me to have the courage to change my image.


  【篇三:职业选择 Occupation Choice】

  When students go to college, they need to think about their future career, because the major they choose will decide what kind of job they will work on. The better school they enter, the higher expectation the students get. The news reported a girl who graduated from the first class college chose to work as an anchorwoman of the Internet games, then the public felt pity on her, because they thought such an excellent girl should work in the office as the leader or made her own successful business. I have different opinion, everybody has the right to choose what they want to do, though what they learn has nothing to do with the work, they get improved by learning more knowledge. There is no need to feel pity, because she is still the successful person no matter what she does.


  【篇四:旅游的意义 The Meaning of Travel】

  I like to travel so much. When holiday comes, I will make travel plans. My friends like travel, too. So we make up the group. Travel means a lot to me. On the one hand, I can broaden my vision. Every city has its own feature and lifestyle, so I can experience different lifestyles. Books can provide us theorical knowledge, but if we go to the place to witness the real scenery, then what we learn from the book will be useful. On the other hand, travel can bring me the new mood. If I live in the same place for a long time and do the same thing every day, my life will be boring. But travel can help me to refresh my mood. When I come back, I am full of energy again.


  【篇五:坚持的力量 The Power of Persistence】

  At the coming of the new year, it is also the time for one of the biggest tennis matches, the Australian Open。 Since Li Na won her second grand slam here, more Chinese people fall in love with tennis。 One of the popular male players, Roger Federer, who is more than 30, but he is still in the top level。 The fans hope their hero can enjoy the match and they didn’t expect the next grand slam。 But Roger made it happen again。 He defeated his great rival, Nadal and won Australian Open。 The world was cheering for him, and they witnessed this great man to make his career successful at the old age。 If we have dreams, it is never too late to pursue。 People always take the age as the excuse, actually, they lack of persistence, which differs them from successful men。


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