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  My family英语作文篇一

  There are four people in my family,my parents,my bother and I.My family is pretty good. I’m really happy.

  My brother is shy and funny。 He is good at sports and does well in volleyball。But he hates studying and his grades are bad。 He like telling jokes。 He always plays jokes on his friends and my family, and always makes us laugh。

  My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital of Sanya. He doesn’t like watching TV, but he likes reading newspaper and read it every night.

  My mother is a waitress。 She works in a restaurant。 She has good habits。 She likes eating vegetables and drinking milk every day。 But I don’t like milk。 It is awful。 She likes watching Beijing Opera at free time。 She says it’s good for her to keep young and it can make her relaxed。

  My families are always doing what is best for me.They are always on my side.

  I love each person in my family. I love my sweet warm home.

  My family英语作文篇二


  I'm LiMei.Look! This is my family photo. This is my grandmother. She is 58. This is my father. He is a teacher. He is 36. and my mother is 36, too. Who’s that boy? Oh, he is my brother. He is 13 and I am 12. My brother and I are students.

  My family英语作文篇三

  I have a very happy family。There are four people in my family--my parents ,my younger brother and I。My fathther is working in another city,so he is always very busy。As a famous saying goes :" There is always an able woman behind a successful man 。",my mother is a housewife。She can cook very dilicious food and she is often busy with some houseworks。Sometimes,brother and I help her tidy the house,but of course,we couldn't tidy as clean as her。

  I love my parents as well as my family.I hope we can be happy forever!

  My family英语作文篇四

  My name is Yu Geqin. I’m nine years old. There are three members in my family, my father, my mother and I.

  My father is a teacher。 He is very handsome。 He always wears a pair of glasses。 He works very hard。 He’s busy from morning to night。 He’s the cleverest man of my family。 He can solve the difficult problems, too。

  My mother is very beautiful. She has two big eyes and her black hair is long. My mother is worker. She is good at her job. She is also a good housewife.

  I have a happy family. I like it very much.

  My family英语作文篇五

  There are four people in my family, my father, my mother, my sister and me。 My father likes reading。 My mother likes cooking。 They both work in Leliu。 They always go to work by car。 They work hard。

  My sister and I are pupils. I study in the primary school affiliated with Shunde No.1 Middle School. My hobby is collecting coins. My sister studies in Xishan Primary School. She likes watching TV. We love our family very much.

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