新概念英语第三册第39课:Nothing to worry about

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Lesson 39   Nothing to worry about不必担心

     Listen to the tape then answer the question below.
     What was the difference between Bruce's behaviour and that of other people?
     The rough across the plain soon became so bad that we tried to get Bruce to drive back to the village we had come from. Even though the road was littered with boulders and pitted with holes, Bruce was not in the least perturbed. Glancing at his map, he informed us that the next village was a mere twenty miles away. It was not that Bruce always underestimated difficulties. He simply had no sense of danger at all. No matter what the conditions were, he believed that a car should be driven as fast as it could possibly go.
     As we bumped over eh dusty track, we swerved to avoid large boulders. The wheels scooped up stones which hammered ominously under the car. We felt sure that sooner or later a stone would rip a hole in our petrol tank or damage the engine. Because of this, we kept looking back, wondering if we were leaving a trail of oil and petrol behind us.
     What a relief it was when the boulders suddenly disappeared, giving way to a stretch of plain where the only obstacles were clumps of bushes. But there was worse to come. Just ahead of us there was a huge fissure. In response to renewed pleadings, Bruce stopped. Though we all got out to examine the fissure, he remained in the car. We informed him that the fissure extended for fifty years and was tow feet wide and four feet deep. Even this had no effect. Bruce went into a low gear and drove at a terrifying speed, keeping the front wheels astride the crack as he followed its zigzag course. Before we had time to worry about what might happen, we were back on the plain again. Bruce consulted the map once more and told us that the village was now only fifteen miles away. Our next obstacle was a shallow pool of water about half a mile across. Bruce charged at it, but in the middle, the car came to a grinding half. A yellow light on the dashboard flashed angrily and Bruce cheerfully announced that there was no oil in the engine!
     穿越平原的道路高低不平,开车走了不远,路面愈加崎岖。我们想劝说布鲁斯把车开回我们出发的那个村庄去。尽管路面布满石头,坑坑洼洼,但布鲁斯却一点儿不 慌乱。他瞥了一眼地图,告诉我们前面再走不到20英里就是一个村庄。这并不是说布鲁斯总是低估困难,而是他压根儿没有一点儿危险感。他认为不管路面情况如 何,车必须以最高速度前进。
     突然大石块不见了,前面是一片平地,唯一的障碍只有一簇簇灌木丛。这使我们长长地松了口气。但是更糟糕的事情在等着我们,离我们不远处,出现一个大裂缝。 我们再次央求布鲁斯小心,他这才把车停了下来。我们纷纷下车察看那个大裂缝,他却呆在车上。我们告诉他那个大裂缝长50码,宽2英尺,深4英尺。这也没有 对他产生任何影响。布鲁斯挂上慢档,把两只前轮分别搁在裂缝的两边,顺着弯弯曲曲的裂缝,以发疯的速度向前开去。我们还未来得及担心后果,车已重新开上了 平地。布鲁斯又看了一眼地图,告诉我们那座村庄离我们只有15英里了。下一个障碍是一片约半英里宽的浅水塘。布鲁斯向水塘冲去,但车开到水塘当中,嘎吱一 声停住了。仪表盘一盏黄灯闪着刺眼的光芒,布鲁斯兴致勃勃地宣布发动机里没油了!
     New words and expressions 生词和短语
     adj. 崎岖不平的
     n.   大石块
     v.   使得坑坑洼洼
     v.   使不安
     v.   低估
     v.   急转变
     v.   挖出
     v.   (用锤)击打,锤打
     adv. 有预兆的,不祥的
     v.   划破,撕,扯
     n.   汽油
     n.   一大片(平地或水)
     n.   障碍
     n.   丛,簇
     n.   (石,地的)深缝
     v.   重复
     n.   恳求
     n.   汽车排档
     n.   缝隙
     n.  “之”字形
     adj. 浅的
     grind (ground, ground)
     v.   磨擦
     n.   停
     n.   (汽车上的)仪表盘
     Notes on the text课文注释
     1  get sb. to do sth.,说服某人做某事。
     2  in the least,一点儿也不,完全不。
     3  It was not that Bruce always underestimated difficulties这并不是说布鲁斯总是低估困难。
     4  sooner or later,作“迟早”、“总有一天”讲。
     5  giving way to a stretch of plain,出现了一片平原。
     give way to…,此处作“为...所代替”解释。
     6  charge at,冲向。

Lesson 39   课后练习和答案Exercises and Answer

新概念英语第三册第39课:Nothing to worry about
新概念英语第三册第39课:Nothing to worry about
新概念英语第三册第39课:Nothing to worry about
新概念英语第三册第39课:Nothing to worry about
新概念英语第三册第39课:Nothing to worry about
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